Photo of a buck taken by the author with his Mathews bow.

The 2023-2024 Tennessee deer season kicks off statewide on Friday, August 25 with the velvet buck season, followed by the traditional archery deer season opener on Saturday, September 23.

In this article, we highlight the complete deer season dates, along with bag limits and check-in procedures. For a full list of deer hunting regulations, be sure to check out the TWRA website.

2023-2024 Tennessee Deer Season Dates

SeasonUnits A,B,C,D and LUnit CWD
August SeasonAug 25-27 (A)Aug 25-27 (G/M/A)
ArcherySep. 23-Oct. 27
Oct. 30-Nov 3
Sep. 23-Oct. 27
Young SportsmanOct. 28-29
Jan. 13-14
Oct. 28-29
Jan. 13-14
Muzzleloader/ArcheryNov. 4-17
Firearms SeasonNov. 18 – Jan. 7Oct. 30 – Jan. 12
Jan. 15-31
Private Lands SeasonJan. 8-12
Unit L only
G = gun, M=muzzleloader, A=archery

Tennessee Deer Zone Map

Map of Tennessee's 2023 deer zones.

Bag Limit

Units A, B, C, D, L bag limit: 2 antlered deer (No more than 1 per day). Unit CWD bag limit: 3 antlered deer (No more than 1 per day; with all taken solely in Unit CWD or in combination with no more than two (2) deer taken outside Unit CWD). 

The only way to exceed the statewide bag limit of 2 Antlered deer is to harvest one in Unit CWD.

Deer Check-In Procedures

Before moving your harvested big game, you must either check it in on your smartphone or physically tag the animal and check it in before midnight. These procedures are a requirement for everyone, including landowners and those exempt from license requirements.

  • Big game must be checked in by midnight on the day of harvest AND before being gifted to another person or leaving the state.
  • Temporary Transportation Tag must remain affixed to the animal until it is checked in.
  • Evidence of the animal’s sex, species, and antlered status (if applicable) must remain with the animal while afield and until checked in.

The harvest confirmation number is important!

After check-in, it must be available for inspection by TWRA personnel until time of final processing. It must accompany an animal taken to a taxidermist, meat processor, or gifted to another person.

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  1. I think the velvet hunt is CWD counties is only for muzzleloader and archery. I do not believe centerfires are allowed.

    Aug 25-27 (G/M/A)???

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