Sign for the Big Lazer Creek WMA dove field.

The Georgia DNR recently released their public dove fields forecast for the 2023 dove season. The forecast includes all managed dove fields on the state’s WMAs and VPAs, including what’s planted, total acres, and the current conditions of the field (as of August 18, 2023).

For up-to-date information, it’s best to call the DNR regional office.

The dove fields are broken down by DNR regions, and there is a map included below identifying all six.

Keep in mind that hunting many of these fields is limited to specific dates scattered throughout the statewide dove season, so you will need to consult the current hunting regulations booklet to see when a particular field is available to hunt.

The WMAs and VPAs listed below with ** next to the name have quota hunts for one or more days of the dove season, but may also be open to the public on subsequent dates. Again, consult the hunting regulations before heading afield!

Map of Georgia's DNR Regions.

Region 1

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Berry CollegeSunflowers, proso millet, wheat35Good
CoosawatteeMillet, sunflowers9Good
Crockford-Pigeon Mtn.Corn, sunflowers64Good
J.L. Lester1Sunflowers, proso millet, wheat22Fair-Good
Joe KurzSunflowers, corn, proso millet, jap millet, buckwheat, wheat206Fair
McGraw FordMillet, sunflowers21Good
McEntire RoadMillet, sunflowers, wheat42Fair
West PointWheat,brown top millet21Fair
1Adult/Child hunt for the first two Saturdays of season

Region 2

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Buck Shoals**Browntop Millet, Sorghum, Sunflowers20Excellent
Dawson Forest**Proso Millet, Browntop Millet, Wheat, Egyptian Wheat28Excellent
Hart CountyBrowntop Millet, Wheat, Sorghum65Fair
London Farms**Corn, Sunflowers107Excellent
Proso, Pearl, and Browntop Millet, Sunflowers60Good
Wilson Shoals**Browntop millet10Excellent

Region 3

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Alexander**Wheat, browntop millet, and pearl millet strips54Good
B.F. GrantWheat, browntop millet, buckwheat21Poor
Cedar CreekCorn, wheat, browntop millet47Good
Clarks Hill**Wheat, pearl millet strips39Good
Clybel**Wheat, browntop millet, corn134Good
Di-Lane**Browntop millet, sorghum, wheat, some sunflowers137Good
Flat Creek PFA2Wheat33Fair
Lower Broad River**Wheat, browntop millet, proso millet, sorghum29Good
McDuffie PFA**Browntop millet, proso millet5Excellent
Oconee**Browntop millet, wheat, pearl millet strips21Fair
Perry Dove FieldCorn, wheat74Fair
Rum Creek**Wheat, corn33Good
Walton**Sunflowers, wheat, browntop millet48Good
YuchiWheat, browntop millet, pearl millet, cow peas28Good
2Adult/Child for the first 4 Saturdays of season

Region 4

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Alapaha River**Wheat, sunflowers42Excellent
Appling Co. Dove FieldSunflower112Excellent
BeaverdamBrowntop millet14Fair
Canoochee SandhillsMillet16Fair
HiltoniaWheat, millet36Poor
Ocmulgee: Gum Swamp CreekDove proso, browntop millet29Fair
River Bend**Wheat, Sunflower, Browntop Millet, Proso28Good
Rogers State Prison Dove FieldsCorn366Fair

Region 5

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Albany Nursery**Browntop millet19Excellent
Big Lazer CreekWheat, Brown Top Millet, Egyptian wheat20Fair
Blanton Creek**Wheat, proso millet31Good
Chattahoochee Fall Line: Ft. PerryWheat, browntop millet57Fair
Chattahoochee Fall Line: Hilliard PlantationSunflowers, browtop millet, proso millet, wheat213Good
Chickasawhatchee**Browntop millet25Excellent
ElmodelBrowntop millet176Fair
Flint River3Wheat, browntop millet24Good
Hannahatchee CreekBrowntop millet42Good
MayhawOroso millet15Poor
River Creek, The Rolf and Alexandra Kauka**Sunflowers14Fair
Silver LakeBrowntop millet65Fair
3Adult/Child first Saturday of season

Region 6

AreaCropsAcres PlantedForecast
Dixon MemorialMillet42Fair
Paradise PFA4Peanuts, corn, sunflower47Good
Paulk’s PastureMillet9Poor
Penholoway SwampBrowntop millet24Fair
Richmond HillNo field plantedN/AN/A
TownsendNo field plantedN/AN/A
4Adult/Child first Saturday of season

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to beat the excitement and camaraderie of a good southern dove hunt, and Georgia hunters are fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to participate in such a hunt.

Our hope is that by using this guide and other dove hunting information we have available, that you’ll be able to participate in a safe and successful dove hunt this fall.

If you do, we’d love to see some successful field photos to share across our social media. You can send those to me at this email address!

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